Trabolgan Holiday Project

The Irish Lions Holiday Week is one of the largest service projects undertaken by Lions in Europe, if not the world. Each year, Lions Clubs throughout Ireland combine to give 900 “old and/or lonely” citizens a full week’s holiday to remember. The idea for the holiday was first developed by Lion Cecil Vard (now deceased) of Dublin Club, Lion Cecil took 1500 deserving persons to the Mosney Holiday Centre, some 25 miles north of Dublin, for a week away from home to enjoy themselves.

Since 2002 the holiday has been held in Trabolgan, Co. Cork. The week has been a wonderful success each year. Our guests have a terrific week of fun and enjoyment.
For the week itself, the Lions and helpers arrange quizzes, bingo, talent competitions, various novelty competitions and other activities to supplement the normal Trabolgan entertainments. Lions minibuses are on duty from 8.00 am to 1.00 am to transport guests to and from their chalets, a communications centre is operated for message to and from guests and a full medical team (with 2 ambulances) is always on standby to deal with illnesses.

Approximately 130 Lions or Helpers give up a week of their own holidays to look after their Guests in Trabolgan. In the spirit of Lionism, the Holiday provides these Lions and Helpers with an opportunity to renew old friendships and to make new friends from all parts of the country.

To date, over 24,000 deserving persons have been provided with a holiday at a total cost of well over €2,000,000!

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